Hair Catching System*

Keep your drains hair-free

Hair Catching System - Pull Out

A built-in, high-capacity Hair Catching System* on certain tub models helps keep pet hair out of drains.

This patented design is built into the tub at the time of construction, and consists of an integral drain recess, spanning the entire width (front to back) of the tub on the drain end, with a lift-out stainless steel fine-mesh basket that screens hair and debris before it reaches the drain. Special tuck-under feature ensures ALL water must flow through the Hair Catching Basket before going down the drain.

*US Patent #7080608​

Hair Catching System - Pull Out

Basket easily removed for cleaning by using two stainless steel handles to lift out (hands never need to touch basket contents)

Hair Catching System

Stainless steel fine mesh basket designed to fit snugly into built-in drain recess

Hair Catching System

Basket is placed into drain recess at end of tub

Hair Catching System

A look at our drain system

Interior Step-in Tub

Top down view of our tub with Hair Catching System*

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