Safety and comfort features for you and the pet you love.

Bathtubs for Pets® are designed and built to exacting specifications with one clear objective: Provide pet owners with the absolutely highest quality pet bathing system in the world.

Bathtubs for Pets® Bathing Centers include features that have created the standard for Pet Care Rooms in residential settings:

These tubs are carefully crafted of 14-gauge, Type 304 stainless steel. The all-welded construction means a robust and solid structure that will never require any maintenance other than normal cleaning. Edges are hemmed and polished to insure your pet’s comfort and safety.

A variety of sizes ensure that the tub you choose will fit your space and be just right for your pet. Bathtubs for Pets® even has versatile tubs that are one-size-fits-all.

Bathtubs for Pets® Bathing Centers are designed with high back and sides to confine splashed and shaken water and to give your pet a feeling of security. A rolled front edge makes these tubs comfortable to lean into and safe for you and your pet. Within the tub there are multiple permanently welded tethering points to prevent excess movement and promote a secure feeling for your pet. Built-in leg levelers allow height adjustment. You can choose whether you’d like your plumbing on the left or right side of the tub.

Horse in tub

There’s no household pet too heavy for these tubs

Hair Catching System - Pull Out

Built-In Hair Catching System* This patented design is available on certain tub models and can be built into your tub at the time of construction. It consists of an integral drain recess the entire width (front to back) of the tub on the drain end, with a lift-out stainless steel fine-mesh basket that screens hair and debris.

*US Patent #7080608

Step-in Tub with platforms

Elevating Platform System** Whatever your pet’s size or height, the Elevating Platform System** will make pet bathing comfortable for both of you. For larger dogs, put the platforms with comfort mats on the tub bottom. For smaller animals, simply lift a platform, turn it 90 degrees and place the platform on the front and back ledges to bridge across at a higher level. The ledges for the platforms are built into every tub. The platforms with comfort mat are sold separately.
A variety of other accessories and associated products are also available to complete your Pet Care Room.

**US Patent #8220417