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Say goodbye to backaches and slipping, sliding pets—the ergonomic design of Bathtubs for Pets® ensures bath time won’t be a pain. Adjustable platforms keep you and your four-legged friend comfortable no matter what their size. And they’ll be surefooted with the non-absorbent comfort pads. When you’re finished, cleanup is simple: remove the easy-to-handle patented Hair Catching System*, dump the hair, and you’re all done! Watch the Bathtubs for Pets® video to learn more about the only pet bathtub you’ll ever need.



  • Attractive, time-saving amenity for pet owners
  • Central location for pet care helps keep units cleaner
  • End drain problems caused by pet hair
  • Ease of use encourages pet owners to keep pets clean
  • Accommodate any size pets with just one versatile tub


  • Convenient for pets and people
  • Make bath time more enjoyable for your pet
  • Cut down on cleaning time around your home
  • Available in various sizes to fit your home’s available space
  • Very easy to install and maintain




Bathtubs for Pets® by Forever Stainless Steel® offers only the highest quality products. Forever Stainless Steel® has been providing innovative concepts for the pet care industry since 2000. These beautiful tubs are in use every day in thousands of locations all over the world.

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  • DogwashJessicaGruberThis is such a wonderful addition to our property. Being an owner of a large dog can really make bath time a mess. This saved my apartment from all the water and saved me the trouble of cleaning it up! Thank you for helping us make our residents' experience at Cypress River even better!
    Jessica Gruber
    Leasing Consultant
    Cypress River Apartments

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