A Home’s Best Friend®

Bathtubs for Pets® by Forever Stainless Steel® Bathing Centers are created with one goal in mind: To make bathing your pets an easy and enjoyable experience for both you and your animals . Our Bathing Centers have brought innovation to the animal bathing process with a number of patented features. These include methods to keep hair out of drains, and to increase safety and ergonomics for pets and the people who bathe them.

Bathtubs for Pets® is the world’s quality leader in animal bathtubs and related systems. Our Bathing Centers are constructed of an extra-heavy gauge of metal (14-gauge type 304 stainless steel) and feature fully welded construction. This makes for a robust structure that never requires any maintenance beyond normal cleaning. Bathtubs for Pets® Bathing Centers are beautifully finished and provide functionality, user-friendliness, and elegance to animal care.

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